About the Equity Profile Dashboard

To learn about the Equity Profile Dashboard, please view this quick video.


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What is the equity profile dashboard and why is it important?

The equity profile dashboard provides information on where we stand as a community in regard to opportunity, access, and achievement. Our goal at APS is to ensure that resources are shared fairly and equitably based on needs. In order to achieve equity, we will use data to help us identify gaps, take action to close those gaps, and create an APS experience where all students and staff can thrive.

There are many factors that contribute to creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. The most important factor in achieving equity is building relationships by listening and uplifting the voices of our community, especially our students.


APS Strategic Plan

The APS Strategic Plan (2022-28) serves as a roadmap to guide and focus our work as a school division while providing measurable goals and objectives, to assess our progress and systematically improve student outcomes to provide the best educational opportunities for all children. The Equity Profile Dashboard complements the Student Progress Dashboard and Strategic Plan website, which includes a reporting of progress on the Strategic Plan Performance Objectives, the vital measures of progress in our most critical areas of focus.

The Equity Profile Dashboard provides a deeper dive into two key performance objectives in the APS Strategic Plan:

Student Success

    • Performance Objective
      • By 2024, APS will reduce opportunity gaps for all reporting groups on state assessments. (PO-SS-1)
    • Desired Outcomes
      • Students achieve at the level of their peers, irrespective of race, ethnicity, gender, home or native language, disability, special learning needs, economic background, or other factors that should not be predictors of success.
      • Students master the foundational skills of reading, writing, and mathematics.

Student Well-Being

    • Performance Objective
      • Disproportionally in suspension rates by race/ethnicity, students identified with a disability, and English Learners will be annually reduced and overall suspensions will not increase. (PO-SWB-1)
    • Desired Outcomes
      • Disproportionality for groups that are over-represented in suspensions is reduced.
      • Overall suspensions do not rise.

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