The Equity Profile Dashboard provides current data about performance and trends in the following categories: Student Demographics, Student Success, College & Career Readiness, Student Well-Being, School Climate and Engaged Workforce. Using this data as a benchmark, the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) will monitor these areas to ensure that gaps in achievement, opportunity, access, and attainment are addressed. Please note that this inaugural dashboard does not include Student Well-Being, School Climate and Engaged Workforce data but will do so on future dashboards. The equity profile dashboards will be updated annually.

Student Demographics  |  Student Success  |  College & Career Readiness  |  Student Well-Being  |  School Climate  |  Engaged Workforce

Student Demographics

This dashboard provides information on student enrollment and provides breakdowns by subgroups: race/ethnicity, gender, English Learners (EL), students with disabilities (SWD), and gifted.

*All data will be updated annually in September.

Student Success

APS ensures that every student is challenged and engaged while providing multiple pathways for student success by broadening opportunities, building support systems and eliminating barriers. Arlington Public Schools will eliminate opportunity gaps so all students achieve excellence.

For this version of the dashboard, two Standards of Learning (SOLS) are used as benchmarks:

For more information on student progress see the Student Progress Dashboard

*All data will be updated annually in September.

College and Career Readiness

APS is committed to providing programs and supports to make sure all students graduate on time and are college and career ready. This dashboard provides data, including:

  • Pass rates for Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB)
  • Course participation rates for AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment (DE)
  • Graduation rates for all diploma types and dropout rates
  • CTE Completer Report

The Virginia Department of Education Completer Demographic Verification Report is an annual report that provides data on the demographic characteristics of Career Technical Education (CTE) high school graduates in Virginia. This report provides detailed information on the race, ethnicity, gender, and other demographic characteristics of students who have completed a CTE sequence during their high school education in the state. The report also includes data on student enrollment and other important measures of student success. This report is an important tool to ensure that all students have access to a high-quality education that prepares them for success in college and career.

*All data will be updated annually in September.

Student Well-Being

Create an environment that fosters the growth of the whole child. APS will nurture all students’ mental and social-emotional growth in healthy, safe, and supportive learning environments.

The Your Voice Matters survey is conducted biannually and provides insight from APS families, students in grades 4-12, staff, and teachers. Topics include safety (school and community climate), health and well-being, voice, and engagement. The results are used to inform work across both the school division and the County. The data also provides APS with new benchmarks for measuring progress with stakeholders on the Strategic Plan.

For the purposes of the Equity Profile Dashboard only student responses and selected questions from the Student Well-being category were used for this summary.

View Your Voice Matters Public Results Page


School Climate

The school climate dashboard provides data on student behavior. Due to Covid 19 minimal data was reported to state for 2020-2021. Data will be posted in Fall 2022.

Current student behavior:

Engaged Workforce

The current diversity of instructional staff, including teachers, principals, and assistant principals provides a baseline for future recruitment, hiring, and retention efforts. APS is committed to ensuring that the diversity of the instructional staff mirrors the diversity of the student population and Arlington County.

APS is committed to recruiting a high-quality and diverse instructional workforce to ensure APS is the place where talented individuals choose to work with an instructional staff that mirrors the diversity of the student population.

APS is committed to deploying equitable hiring practices to ensure it has a diverse instructional workforce, leading to better outcomes across all schools by promoting diversity of thought and perspective.

*All data will be updated annually in September.